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Volume 01 Issue 02 (April-2016) | IJERAS

Title: Paediatric Patient Flow Modelling using Witness

Authors: M. Serdaroglu, M. Latif and S. Kundu

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An inefficiently managed patient flow can cause long waiting times for a patient, which consequently leads to delays, overcrowding in a clinic and overburdened staff. A better understanding and improved management can be done with the help of modelling and simulation tools. In this study, a paediatrics clinic was the focus of a simulation study. The data collected during the investigation were used to map and detail the patient flow. The patient flow was then modelled in WITNESS, process simulation software, and results were obtained after simulation and some experimentation. Problems were analysed and a set of experimental proposals were made. One experimental change to the operational practices produced a reduction of 28% to the average flow time of patients. The study was able to demonstrate the usefulness of simulation in a healthcare environment.

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