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Volume 01 Issue 03 (May-2016) | IJERAS

Title: The Application of Big Data A Survey

Authors: Zhou Jing

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Data have a lot of features. On the one hand, Growth Hacking, Decision Making; on the other hand, data can find lots of scene. How to find data value, this is target of data analysis. Big data has become indispensable issue for a large of research areas such as machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence, information fusion, deep learning. The processing of big data research mainly contained four aspects, data collection, data cleaning, data analysis, make business decision. In order to make the data commercial value, it is necessary to apply the results of the data analysis. In this paper, we mainly introduce the big data technology and data analysis. There will be a comprehensive understanding of Big Data and lay a foundation for further study.  

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Title: Optimize Shrinkage Defect in Corner Joint of Aluminum Alloys Sand Casting by DFM

Authors: Sukhlal Mujalda, Nirmal Ku. Uikey

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The aim of this paper is to reduce shrinkage defects in sand casting. For this problem design of L –section has been used to analysis the influence of the design of casting of aluminum alloys. Input parameters are predicted on the basis of design for manufacturing (DFM). The experiment is optimizing by design for manufacturing method can efficiently optimize an optimal combination of the input parameters.

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