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Volume 01 Issue 04 (June-2016) | IJERAS

Title: Research on Determnng the Nutritional Status of Peach Orchards in Lapseki District of anakkale Province

Authors: Tuncay DEMRER, zlem GRBZ KILI

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The research has been carried out to to define the relationships between some physical and chemical properties of soil in the peach orchards of Çanakkale province, and leaf nutrients and agronomic characteristics of the fruit. For this purpose, soil samples were taken from 10 different parts and 2 different depths in 15 fruit orchards, and leaf samples were taken from 25 trees in each orchard, and fruit samples were taken from each orchard. Chemical and physical properties of these samples were defined. Soil and leaf nutrient contents, which were obtained, were compared to limit values and their qualification levels and correlations were analyzed. According to the obtained data, N and Cu were found to be high, P, K, Ca, Mg and B were adequate and Zn and Mn values were low when the average values of leaves were compared to optimum values determined in the literature. According to soil analysis results, it was concluded that at a 30-60 cm depth all other values except phosporus and manganese were numerically lower than 0-30 cm values depending on depth, but effective root depth nutrient levels were found to be adequate. Despite these positive results, it was found necessary to decrease soil pH and to increase organic matter.

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Title: A Hybrid of Improved Weighted Round Robin and Least Load Algorithm to optimize the Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Environment

Authors: M. V. Ramana Murthy

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Day by Day there is an increase in internet users which leads to increase in traffic in the network, this requires the balancing of the load in the network on the servers by different Load balancing techniques. If we review on the load balancing techniques , there are several possibilities to enhance and improvised the techniques. Few techniques that are already defined are round robin algorithm (static load balancing),Weighted Round Robin algorithm and Least Load algorithm(Dynamic Load Balancing). A researcher named D.Chitra Devi .et .al has given the concept of improved weighted round robin algorithm(IWRR) which gives much better response as compared to simple round robin algorithm. Another researcher Rashmi saini.et.al suggested the hybrid of round robin algorithm and least Load Algorithm. So, my proposed work is to hybrid the IWRR algorithm with Least Load Algorithm which gives much more improvised results as compared to both of their work as IWRR algorithm also consider the length of task on the priority basis.

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