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Volume 01 Issue 10 (December-2016) | IJERAS

Title: Digital Death

Authors: M. N. O. Sadiku , S.M. Musa ,S. R. Nelatury

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The digital technologies are changing our attitudes to death, dying, and mourning. Digital death refers to how we handle the digital assets of a loved one after death. Experts in multiple disciplines including sociology, humanities, social sciences, medicine, law, and Internet studies are beginning to understand the implications of death as it affects human social, economic, and personal dimensions. This paper provides a brief introduction to digital death.

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Title: Digital Games

Authors: M. N. O. Sadiku, S.M. Musa, Sudarshan R. Nelatury

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Digital games involve programming computers to play games. Several researchers have come to believe digital games have become part of our popular culture as they enhance our main recreational activity. Their popularity for entertainment has increased recently. This paper presents a brief introduction to digital games.

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Title: Success Factors of Hospitality Services : A Critical Insight

Authors: Dr. Shankar Chaudhary

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The hospitality industry is in the middle of universal progress due to the evolution of net revolution, especially with the emergence of new concept of apps development. This sector is coming with new ideas, new technique In today’s fast- changing overall marketplace, Service companies in this industry are motivated to coherent, implement and carry the image reputation promise consistently throughout the cycle . This value chain is being carried through the stake holders to maintain the faith of their investment. In service industry the business varies from industry to industry. As per the name it is originated from the word “serve “ which means an act of helpful act or an action of helping or doing work for someone else , or a system providing the public need like transportation, utilities, communication for the well being of society. As per the investorsword.com it is an economic intangible activity, which nor stored and does not have any ownership. It is consumes at the same time only. This word can be defined in so many ways and interpretation varies as per the act. The market expert categorizes poles apart businesses into different industry. When any business is operated its provides a solution , problem faced by the consumer. This industry is facing so many challenges these days , whether it is skill ,labor, behavior, delivery, perception or expectation. These challenges can be minimized by the help of technology as mentioned earlier. So the There is too much to learn in this industry from every aspect, end the parameters are countless but there are few which are critical mostly required by the hospitality industry directly or indirectly. Starting from creativity, empowerment, goal orientation, learning , adoption, customer centric and the personality you carry in front of consumer.

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Title: Photocorrection of Wearout of Corundum Cutting Plates

Authors: Arzumanyan A.M.

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In this work show the generalized results of researching of processing of non-ferrous alloys plates made from synthetic corundum irradiated by the light source. The experiments found out that when a specific orientation of the cutting edge and the illuminating light source in the inhibition of cutting inserts dislocation process which increases the strength characteristics and this increases the durability of the cutting plates.

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