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Volume 02 Issue 09 (September-2017) | IJERAS

Title: A Critical Review on Nonwoven Medical Disposable Products

Authors: Urvashi Choudhary, Emeli Dey, Swapan Kumar Ghosh

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This paper delineates a comprehensive review on the different types of existing nonwoven medical disposable products, such as caps, gowns, drapes, masks, analysing their composition, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages including their market survey and sales forecast.

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Title: Navigation System for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Authors: V. Sai Venkat Mahesh, I.M.Prabhu Raj, Mr. Anoop Johny

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With late advances in battery limit and the improvement of hydrogen energy components, self-ruling submerged vehicles (AUVs) are being utilized to embrace longer missions that were beforehand performed by kept an eye on or fastened vehicles. Subsequently, more propelled route frameworks are expected to keep up an exact position over a bigger operational zone. The exactness of the route framework is basic to the quality of the information gathered amid study missions and the recuperation of the AUV. A wide range of strategies for route in various submerged situations have been proposed in the writing. In this paper, the cutting edge in route advancements for AUVs is examined for hypothetical and operational frameworks. Their appropriateness for use in various situations is thought about and current constraints of these techniques are distinguished. What's more, new ways to deal with location these present issues and ranges for future examination are recommended. At long last, it is inferred that as it were geophysical referenced techniques will empower AUVs to explore precisely over substantial regions and that advances in submerged highlight acknowledgment are required before these techniques can be executed in operational AUVs.

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