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Volume 02 Issue 11 (November-2017) | IJERAS

Title: Digital University

Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Sarhan M. Musa, Sudarshan R. Nelatury

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A digital or virtual university is a university that provides online courses for distance students through the Internet and communication technologies. It is needed to provide online learning to those who have difficulty attending the traditional university. This paper provides a brief introduction to digital university.

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Title: Influence of Project Stakeholders Participation on Success of County Water Projects in Kiambu County, Kenya

Authors: Dr.Christine Ngari and Eng.Christopher Wamugunda

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Success of county water projects comprises all organized activities and planning regarding water resources development, conservation, protection and control from water adverse effects. This implies that management of water resources should focus on matching water supply and water demand, reducing environmental damage caused by water. In Kenya more than 50% of the population does not have direct access to potable water. The threshold for county water projects is estimated at 1700 liters per capital per year .however, water is availability below 1000 liters liters per capita per year. This leads to more serious challenges related to human health, food production and economic development. One of the main reasons for reduced water supply is increased demand. This is caused by population growth and by a change in consumption patterns as living standards rise, resulting in increased water consumption per person. involving stakeholders has been cited as one of the major ways of resolving this problem. It is in this light that this study sought to determine the influence of project stakeholder participation on success of county water projects in Kiambu County, Kenya. The study adopted descriptive research design .Stratified Radom sampling was used to divide the population into different strata such as Project Managers, Project Engineers and Project Architectures so as to draw a random sample. The study used respondents working in the 9 water companies in Kiambu County. The collected data was coded into the Statistical Program for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20 because of its ability to analyze data easily and accurately. From the findings of the study it shows that the regression model coefficient of determination (R2) is 0.901 and R is 0.949 at0.05significance level. This is an indication that project stakeholder participation is significant in contributing to success of county water projects. The coefficient of determination indicates that 94.9% of the variation on success of county water projects is influenced by project stakeholder participation. This implies that there exists a strong positive relationship between independent variables and success of county water projects. Results will be presented in charts and diagrams. Dissemination of knowledge will be through, project briefs, seminars and conferences and study newsletters

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