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Volume 03 Issue 02 (February-2018) | IJERAS

Title: Hyperbaric Welding

Authors: Ganesan. T

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The fact that over 100 years this electric arc is used which is known. The underwater welding was first done by a man called Admiralty-Dockyard for sealing r o f l o o t t n a t r o p m i t s o m e h t s i t I . e n i l r e d n u n i s t e v i ru nderwater works. Any repair which is occurred in under water may welded using this type of welding called hyperbaric welding or under water welding. Power should be about 300 to 400 ampere and it should be direct. Motor generator welding machines is used to weld under water. Most of the electrode in this welding is grounded to the ship. The welding power should be connected to the electrode holder only during welding. The electrodes in the welding is made water proof. The connections must be insulated so that the water cannot come in contact with the metal products. Hyperbaric welding is carried out in sealed chamber which is present around the structure . The environment or surrounding’s of the welding place should be made easier to the driver so that it should be in the form of breathable gases.This method produces the welding joints in a great manner.

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Title: Effectiveness of Training on Skill Enhancement of Accounting Students: A Case Study of Udaipur City

Authors: Dr. Pallavi Mehta, Dr. Subhash Sharma

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The scope of accounting education is diversifying with the fast changing of corporate scenario and increasing competition among students. The traditional system of accounting education is no more in passable and therefore, the demand of garnishing the accounting students with a proper blend of skills is the need of the hour. The authors endeavor to explore this need of the employers in terms of additional skills & knowledge, such as Presentation Skills, Accountability, Communication Skills, Inter & intrapersonal Skills, Life Skills, Leadership Skills etc. required to make the students employable. In this research, the researchers discuss the significance of soft skills that make the accounting students accountable in the industry and will try to explore how the various components of soft skills complement the theoretical skills discussed in the class to make the graduates ensure to deal with the requirements of the industry and be able to adjust oneself in a complex corporate environment. The requirements of the employers, possible solutions, ways through which the academic fraternity can contribute to change the life of graduating students are reviewed. The main objective of the research is to explore the impact of soft skills training among the accounting students and to ensure their accountability and employability. Components of Soft Skills taken into consideration are moral values, leadership, self esteem, self confidence, initiation skills, team spirit and liaison, etc.

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