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Volume 03 Issue 04 (April-2018) | IJERAS

Title: Design and Analysis of Camshaft

Authors: Mohammed Fazil ,Syed Shoukath Ali

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The objective of this paper is to modelling design and analysis of a cam and follower. This analysis is an important step for fixing an optimum size of a cam and follower. The model is created by the basic needs of an engine with the available background such as forces acting over the cam by means of valve while running at maximum speed. Here the approach becomes fully CAE based. CAE based approach enriches the Research and limits the time duration. Most of the IC engines used in the market have roller cam and follower mechanisms, having a line contact between the cam and the roller follower. The software (Catia and Ansys) tool has mainly been developed to enhance student learning, but it can readily be used to design modelling and analysis of cam and follower mechanisms for industrial applications. The software generates detailed information about the stress, strain, displacement, velocity etc of the follower. It also provides animation of the cam and follower mechanism.

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Title: Emotion Recognition of Vocals from Extraction Channel for an Enriched Understanding

Authors: Nikitha B L , Yasaswi G

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It presents the method for extracting vocals from different languages using natural language process and evaluate their emotions using the modulations in the channel. This will help in better  understanding  of content and the actual emotion in the content of extracted speech, we present a methodology to study how the vibes differ in number of extractions of vocals and how it can be identified as an emotion through the modulations extracted. This methodology allows us to identify the obstructions with the largest impact on the final error, which might be different from the modulations with the largest individual error in isolation and also  in identifying the differences in the  modulations produced to describe classifications in emotions. The main objective of the paper is to propose real time implementation of emotion recognition system  via speech modulations. It also gives the execution for speech ,The analysis brings novel grouping evaluations where we study the execution as far as in terms of interevaluator aggrement and expectation discernment and comprehension of a feeling which has a high importance in an association between human and machine communication.

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Title: Monitoring of Fuel Level in Containers With Iot

Authors: Rutuja D. Parab, Dr.G.Anandhi

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This paper presents a system which can continuously monitor the containers which transport fuels. It will monitor the level of the fuel so that leakage can be detected and taken care of. Many containers transport various fuels and gases, if there is leakage of any kind in the containers it can be dangerous for the environment and for the people around the container. This system tends to detect leakage and keep the owner of the containers aware of the level of fuel and also the location of the container so that the owner can take required actions as soon as possible.

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