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Volume 03 Issue 07 (July-2018) | IJERAS

Title: A Didactic Approach to Improve the Photorealistic Quality of Final Student Images

Authors: D. V. Georgieva, V. E. Gueorguiev, I. E. Ivanov

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In last 20 years one question dominates discussions of all 3D artists’ forums: “Photorealistic render engines: which is the best one?” Discussions are often heated, arguments are extremely subjective, and the results are ambiguous. The permanent interest to the subject over the years is the result of two of the biggest myths in computer graphics: “There is only one best render engine” and “The most important thing for the high quality of the final image is what a render engine is used.” The paper explores our comments and remarks on the topic, which are the result of 30 years’ experience as tutors/lecturers.

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Title: A Review of Fuzzy Database Framework for Post Diagnosis of Hiv/Aids Patients

Authors: Dr.Oye, N. D.; Isah, Nasir.

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As a result of the scarcity of the medical personnel and resources, standard health care delivery is still a challenge in many of the developing countries like Nigeria as it is not accessible and affordable and where it is, a lot need to be done to improve it. Although there are various Medical Diagnosis Systems that take care of early stage of patients, most of the systems are not capable of post diagnosing and monitoring patient online. Hence there is need to develop a fuzzy based system that will also be able to post-diagnose, monitor patient and update the doctor with the patients progress for patient suffering from chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS. However, the concept of fuzzy database framework technique will be employed to ascertain a comprehensive interpretation of laboratory report to determine the stage and predict the post-prognosis of HIV/AIDS patients using Fuzzy Logic. Today HIV/AIDS is the greatest health crisis faced by the global community. The most commonly used method for the diagnosis of HIV infection is detection of anti-HIV antibodies in serum/plasma.

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Title: Data Warehouse

Authors: Chandra M. M. Kotteti, Matthew N. O. Sadiku, and Sarhan M. Musa

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A Data Warehouse (DW) is a data store that collects data accumulated from multiple sources, refines it to support decision making. Data warehousing process aims to provide high quality data, quick data retrieval and fast analytical processing by maintaining data consistency and single-version of truth. In this paper, we present a brief introduction to DW, and advantages and challenges of DW. key words: information technology, business intelligence, data warehouse

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Title: Computational Thinking: A Primer

Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Tanzila Choudhury, Sarhan M. Musa

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The role of computers, computational devices, and technology in our lives cannot be overemphasized.  It is believed that computational thinking would enable individuals to navigate our increasingly technological society. Thinking computationally is a fundamental skill that everyone ought to have, not just computer scientists. To thrive in today's world, computational thinking is crucial to the way people think and understand the world. This paper provides a brief introduction to computational thinking.

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