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Volume 03 Issue 10 (October-2018) | IJERAS

Title: Computer-based Military School Management System for Nigerian Army School of Military Engineering Makurdi, Benue State

Authors: Esiefarienrhe B. M., Ogunbunmi C. T., Deke B. Tertsea

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Title: Computer-Based Distribution Optimization System Using Transportation Model

Authors: Esiefarienrhe B.M., Deke B. Tertsea, Ogunbunmi C. T.

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Computer Based Distribution Optimization System is computer software based system designed to generate optimal distribution routes for companies with two or more production plants and two or more distribution centers, using the transportation model. The model aims at minimizing the cost of transporting commodities from production plants to various distribution centers. The Least Cost Method (LCM), Vogel’s Approximation Method (VAM) and the Modified Distribution Method (MODI) were used to generate routes. The system compares the initial basic feasible solution (IBFS) of the three methods and uses the routes generated by the method with the smallest IBFS as the most optimal distribution route that minimizes total transportation cost. The Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) methodology was used in the analysis and design of the system. Java programming language (J2EE) was used to develop the system and My Structured Query Language (MySQL) to design and manage the database. The results generated by the system shows the optimal routes to be followed when distributing products that will lead to the minimum cost of distribution to the organization.

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